Battery Categories

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Auto/Marine/Golf Warranty

Best Value Promise

We offer an array of benefits with all new automotive battery purchases:

  • Free vehicle battery & charging system inspections
  • Up to 3 Years of Free Replacement
  • Up to 5 Years of Pro-rated Warranty
  • Free battery charging

If you come to one of our stores to have your battery tested we will give you honest advice about whether it needs replacement and where it is at in its service life.

If you purchase a new battery from us you will get an industry leading warranty and the support of a trained staff behind it.

Along with our competitive prices we believe all the features and benefits our batteries come with make them the best overall value in your market.

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Cell Phone, Cordless Phone & Camera - Warranty

We sell high quality replacement batteries for all of your electronic devices. Our cell phone, cordless phone and camera batteries always come with a 1 Year Free Replacement Warranty. We anticipate years of service life, but this warranty protects our customers from manufacturer defects; which will present themselves within the first year of ownership.

Why buy these batteries from us? Because we are honest, we have fresh stock and we know what we are doing. There may be other cost effective methods to purchase these kinds of batteries but incorrect, counterfeit, or cheap batteries can result in problems from low run-time to catastrophic failure.

We also take the time to make sure purchasing a battery is what our customer really needs. Many people enter our stores ready to purchase a battery for their device, when that was not the solution they needed. Selling something to someone that doesn't need it doesn't do anyone any good. Our customers trust us to give them honest, straight-forward advice. This way of business has allowed Battery World to thrive for well over a decade due to high rates of repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

Motorcycle/ATV/Jet Ski - Warranty

We sell Yuasa and Odyssey batteries exclusively for power sport applications and have been doing so for over 10 years. These are trusted brands that perform.

Yuasa batteries come with a 1 Year Total Warranty

  • The first 90 Days are Free Replacement, the following 9 Months is the Pro-rated Warranty Period.
  • Pro-rated warranties are calculated based on the price of the new battery and the months remaining on the Pro-rated Warranty Period.

Odyssey batteries come with a 2 Year Total Warranty for power sport applications (4 Year in Automotive).

  • This is a full 2 Year Free Replacement Warranty based on Odyssey's Warranty Criteria.
  • Odyssey batteries are over-engineered with pure-lead plates and ruggedized for exceptional vibration resistance.